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Why doopl?

doopl makes all the difference.

(DO•pull) /ˈdu.ple/

A sensational spelling of “duple” and, not coincidentally, a sensational DPC network. Eliminating unnecessary beats and simplifying a song down to just two beats per measure. We think of it as marching to a different beat.

We’re the facilitator of great care between you and your provider, but we’re not in the room like the insurance agencies are. When you’re a doopl member, that office visit is between only the two beats that matter: you and your provider.

doopl unites Direct Primary Care providers into a single, complete solution for employers. Beyond the exceptional care our providers provide for employees, doopl can help provide real business strategy to successfully package, launch, and support a Direct Primary Care solution tailored for your business.

Whether you’re looking for a robust cost-containment strategy or simply to offer baseline healthcare for your business, doopl is your gateway to a complete DPC solution.

We offer administrative support for eligibility and roster management. There are real people behind the scenes at doopl offering real administrative support for providers, businesses, and patients. We’re not middlemen – we’re integral to the process of managing an efficient, innovative healthcare system that provides direct access to numerous providers across the United States.

An employee with one hand on a desk and the other on a TV with the doopl direct