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Who We Help

doopl is here for everyone.

Employers (and their employees) love doopl.

doopl offers businesses access to an affordable and transparent direct primary care network that gives their employees a choice between numerous direct primary care providers so they can find the best fit for them.

We’re real people, we listen, and we adapt our service to the needs of members like you. At doopl, we connect patients to providers, but we’re not the providers ourselves. This distinction is significant: It means we’re not partial to one provider or another, or catering to one service or another. We truly and genuinely have our customers’ best interests in mind. We want you to want doopl – we only succeed when you do.

We work with brokers, too

If an employer wants to set up their business with doopl direct primary care memberships for their employees, we can help implement it. But most businesses stop there. At doopl, we love brokers too! If you’re a broker who’d like to package our services to sell to your businesses, or if you’re an employer who manages their healthcare services through a broker, we’d love to have a conversation about it. We’ll make it easy for anyone who wants affordable access to doopl’s direct primary care network to get it.