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Philip Lam, MD

Philip Lam, MD

Liberty Direct Primary Care
7324 Yankee Rd
Liberty Twp, OH 45044

(513) 779-7716


Dr. Lam specialized in Emergency and Internal Medicine and has lived in the community since 1996. He has worked in most of the emergency rooms in the greater Cincinnati area for more than 25 years. He has served as Medical Director and has provided leadership and training to the fire department and EMS at Whitewater Township.

Because there was a great need for better access to physicians, Liberty Direct Primary Care in West Chester, Ohio grew out of our commitment to meet the needs of our patients. We discovered that they were getting fewer benefits from their insurance plans and even losing coverage due to rising costs. As such, we developed a program providing high-quality health care for the whole family for a low cost, regardless of insurance coverage.