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Damon Heybrock, MD

Damon Heybrock, MD

Health Studio KC
2200 W 47th Place, 101
Westwood, KS 66205

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Like you, I play many roles in my life. A husband. A father. A physician. An artist. A friend. I entered medicine because of a shared wonder for the human body and the welcoming nature of the human spirit. I also like the idea of being my own boss.

After medical school and residency, I have spent the last 10 years working in a unique corporate primary care clinic focused on promoting the doctor/patient relationship with longer appointment times and where patients have improved access to their physician.

Time and access allowed us to reach the end goal of enabling individuals to be response-able partners and participants in their health. With Health Stuido KC, the time has now come for me to carry this experience forward into the community to lay the foundation for something more.

My closest friends agree: I married up. We are blessed with four rock star kiddos, and since moving here in 2001, we call Hyde Park home. We love this town.

Good coffee, better conversation and the occasional bourbon are my fuel. I enjoy painting and making, lifting and playing, reading and dancing, listening and watching. My kids swear I make a mean chocolate chip cookie and within moments of meeting me, you’ll see I’m addicted to cherry chapstick.