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E. Kate Snodgrass, MD

E. Kate Snodgrass, MD

First Primary Care
25511 Budde Rd,
Suite 3703
The Woodlands, TX 77380

(281) 549-8060


Dr. Snodgrass is a doctor who has experience in family medicine in a vast number of places—Georgia,  Northern Virginia, Arkansas, Namibia, Africa, and now Texas. She served as a Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO) in Namibia, Africa for a year taking care of American Peace Corps volunteers who were exposed to rabies (bats), malaria, schistosomiasis, scorpions, venom-spitting snakes, and other foreign-to-the-U.S. diseases.

She loves to spend time with her family, read historical fiction and books about spirituality, practice Vinyasa Flow yoga, and listen to podcasts about the economy, the enneagram, and science. Basically, she loves to learn. She prides herself on her biggest accomplishment—creating and raising her two kiddos. And if you’re still not convinced she’s kickbutt, she’s also eaten scrambled ostrich eggs and had an elephant delicately take and eat several whole oranges from her hand.